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meditation (i)

Monday, January 21st, 2013

Clint Eastwood is talking to an empty chair in front of thousands of people. Most of these people are devout believers in an invisible deity. The empty chair represents the President. But does it also not represent the deity?

This is the Evangelical tradition: the deity talks back. And so Eastwood has a conversation with it. He is trying to address the President, but he does so in the only way he knows how when addressing power: by way of Evangelical prayer. A “conversation” that is not a conversation at all, but a monologue with silence. Or so it appears. Inside Eastwood’s head, improvising, is a schizophrenic conversation of internalized voices. One voice the mind, representing desires, things you ask for from the deity. The other, what you think the deity is saying back to you. This is God. Or it is the President. The two are interchangeable in American politics.


Eastwood has a conversation with an empty chair symbolizing the President by way of a theotechnics that represents, in its exchange, the Evangelical deity.