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October 8th, 2015 | No comments yet

With this post I officially shutter fugitive.philosophy — and give thanks to its cadre of engaged readers who trawled through its half-baked thoughts & unfinished conceptual sketches, providing much fodder for my oft under_caffeinated brain.

Some of (but not all) of these posts — actually, very few, come to think of it — made it into my dissertation Other Planes of There: The MythSciences, Conceptechnics, and Chronopolitics of Afrofuturism, which was writ for the Ad Personam Ph.D in Philosophy and Communication Studies at McGill (which I submitted in 2013 and successfully defended in 2014).

Fugitive.philosophy followed from my second blog, hallucinations & antics, which covered my interventions in academia and the arts while an MA and PhD Candidate at McGill in Montréal, as Concept Engineer at the Society for Art & Technology, and as Founding Direktor of technology arts organisation UpgradeMTL. H&A was writ during the more active heydays of blogging, and before the advent of corporate controlled social media silos that heralded the swift destruction of both curated RSS feeds and the lively banter of email listserv culture.

Which is to say, my energies are now focused on trying to get things down onto paper, and off the ephemera of the electrons, which though accessible and near instantaneous they may be, permanent for time immemorial they are not.

Go with speed & I will see you somewhere anon.

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