WANTED./ unfiltered & unrepentant.

April 20th, 2010 | 3 comments

WANTED — soulphiction collective — libidinal let-loose lounge — counternorm committee — black-tie dinner & mud wrestling.

cut it up & start again

Hi there — you nose down in your gizmo — status updated — you & your busyness ontology — sorry to hear — about your  bits & bytes of existential banality — interconnected — your life.

Hi there — oh don’t phone back — without a doubt — you’ve discovered utopia — in the praise of the same.

Good riddance. The number encountered of recent inquisitive travelers I can count on one hand (for which I do not need any kind of prefix-laden device to assess, speak to, touch).

The general expansion of writing as communication technology has debilitated the encounter. What models of extraordinary violence await us — to rip apart the map.

What era? The era where sages are turned away as outcasts — is the era in which humanity has always cast itself. No sage is ever turned away, now. Do you tweet your sage offerings?

The new altar — constructed in code — where sacrifices of thought are made to the great winds of search — where no audiences come to hear you — where mediocrity has blown the great horn, and all come to sniff the smells of their own excrement. (Or another meditation on the provisions of approved & funded culture.)

Speak in tongues, but do not give any — tongue, that is. A licking or a lashing. Nobody gets much tongue any more — nobody ever chews on anything — spits it out — or sucks it up.

WANTED — incommunicados — specs — provisios.

Must be Unfiltered & Unrepentant.


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